I Am A Write-In Candidate For Any Elected Office

I am running on a platform of complete social transformation.

The problems we are faced with today: crime, unemployment,

poverty, battered women, abused children, pollution,

environmental degradation, national insolvency, and budget

deficits, and so on, cannot be solved within the present

economic and political framework, because that framework

is in itself the fundamental problem and the cause of all the other

problems. The present government is so corrupt and tied

up with anti-democratic procedures that it cannot reform

itself. The only way to reform the system is to simply 

dissolve the system and start all over with a great national

conference to create a new society.

     In order to free everybody so they can participate

in the conference, we should strip down to a basic

economy in which all the people's basic needs are

supplied to them simply and equitably without 

concern for money or profit. People would share 

necessary work so that no one would work more

than 20 hours a week, and all the people would

therefore be able to attend the conference. 

The conference would happen in every community

and be connected throughout the nation by computers and telecommunications. 




     We should hold this conference and make our social transformation as soon as possible. To do it now would not be a moment too soon. Every day that we continue with business as usual we are destroying our environment, perpetuating oppression, and allowing all kinds of atrocities to continue. We can make the complete change over to a basic economy within 48 hours. We can then begin living rightfully with proper respect for the planet and each other.
     I am a believer in democracy because it seems reasonable to me that the most harmonious happy society would be one in which the most people felt satisfied and free of resentment. This can best be achieved by allowing the people to decide together how to manage their society. Indeed, satisfaction for all the people is not pie-in-the-sky unrealistic fantasy, but the standard condition of a healthy society. As the population swells and planetary resources dwindle, our powers of destruction underscore the fragility of earth's ecosystem. The human race can no longer be split up into warring nations and creeds. We must unite into one body working together as a healthy harmonious whole...or, we will perish. © 1996 Kathy Change


Hello, my name is Kathy Change

The Critical Time is Now

Volunteers are welcome to ask questions and become involved online or in person. You'll receive a welcoming packet and more of Kathy's original writings like the one above. (There has never been an organization representing Kathy Change. The Transformation was a party in that people dance and play music together and discuss how to improve our world. Friends of Change was the interested public who met briefly after her death.)

(Photo:Nancy Wong)