by Kathy Change 1996


We are in the process of shifting paradigms from patriarchy to matriarchy. The technical advantages gained during the patriarchal phase will now be integrated into a more harmonious society. The Old Testament of the Bible is the text of an extremely patriarchal religion. If the Bible is read literally, God commanded the Israelites not to kill. But if a person is an Israelite who wants to worship other gods, commit adultery, incest or homosexual acts, or is prone to uncontrollable gluttony, or if a person is a pagan inhabiting the stretch of land which God commanded the Israelites to take, the person should be killed. The creed of the Old Testament is authoritarian, genocidal, militant, intolerant, and prudish. Those attributes of patriarchy must be abolished or mitigated if we are to prevent our planet from being destroyed in an exploding chain reaction of chauvinism and hatred.


Now that we are on the brink of global war, we must immediately renounce militarism and violent coercion, and instead resolve our differences with absolute fairness, reason, and goodwill. This approach will succeed because all people possess an innate ability to cooperate as part of their survival instincts. To stop military aggression we should not use weapons, but communication. Armored vehicles broadcasting peaceful messages could be sent to meet armed aggressors. Instead of hostilities, social events should be held to allow the disputing groups to get to know each other as people. We should not arm ourselves in self-defense, but have faith in our goodwill to bring about understanding and peace. Even if people die there would be a few martyrs for peace instead of whole populations exterminated by war.


To achieve a stable peace there must be justice. This means closing the gap between the haves and the have-nots. Guaranteeing all the world's people a decent and healthy living standard must be our top economic priority. Obviously capitalism does not promote equalization and must be replaced by a cooperative socialist framework. It is a completely fallacious myth that private property and capitalist free enterprise are essential to freedom. On the contrary, capitalism now gives a few greedy people free rein to wreck the ecology of the planet and deprive and exploit the people. What is really essential to freedom is cooperation and tolerance. We can devise a system whereby the economy is democratically managed by workers and self-governing communities allow for diverse lifestyles, thus providing the people with all the freedom and options they desire. The totalitarian systems of the U.S.S.R. and China misrepresented socialism as badly as America's political system misrepresents democracy. Neither communism or democracy have failed; they have never been given a fair try...


The nuclear family is patriarchy's basic building block because the nuclear father can assume that his wife's children are his offspring too. Prudishness and life term monogamy are necessary to preserve the nuclear family. But prudishness alienates people from their natural desires as well as from each other, and sexual frustration leads to an increased tendency towards violence. The nuclear family combined with private property results in rich powerful families and poor powerless families, with an ever-widening gap in between. In the relative freedom of modern society the nuclear family tends to break up. Consequently children do not receive adequate parenting, and poor children are even more materially deprived. Therefore we need to switch to a system of communal child rearing in which the community collectively takes care of all its children. Collective child rearing will be socially and spiritually enriching for everyone, children and adults, and it will probably result in people being less neurotic, possessive, and selfish.


Dropping the nuclear family will free adults to love as they please. The pagan tribes that inhabited the Canaan before the Israelites arrived held orgies in their temples, which straying Israelites found hard to resist, much to the wrath of Jehovah. One can imagine that the temple orgies were a natural means of community bonding, motivating people to contribute to their society and fulfill their civic obligation. This is not to suggest that community orgies would be desirable or feasible now. But achieving a state of universal love and well-being should be our primary social objective. When that goal is reached our attitudes will be quite different from what they are now, and who knows? Community love rituals might be appropriate then.


Obviously, women should play a major part in creating the matriarchal paradigm; but regardless of gender, the world needs everybody who has a conscience and common sense to step forward now, get together and take charge of the world. Every day that we continue with business as usual we are wreaking tremendous destruction on this planet, perpetuating the most inhumane injustice and deprivation, and prolonging our agony of insecurity, repression, and alienation. The time for transformation, liberation, and salvation is now.




The Write-in Kathy Change for Any Elected Office Campaign!

Kathy Change has entered the electoral race as  a write-in candidate for any available elected office.  Her platform calls for a moratorium on all business as usual, cutting back to a basic economy in which all the people's needs are supplied to them as simply and equitably as possible, and convening a national conference to design a new society.  the conference would be held in every community, and be connected throughout the nation on the web.  All the people will be able to participate in determining the conference agenda and every other aspect of the conference down to it's final decisions on the shape of the new transformed society that will emerge from the conference.


Says Change, "A vote for me is a vote for global social transformation.  Obviously our society is headed for the most dreadful disaster.  Only a quick change of direction will save us.  A vote for change is a vote for survival...and fun!  The conference, getting to know your neighbors and discovering people power, will be the most fun this nation has had in its whole existence.


Does she expect to win the election?  "Eventually, yes.  I'm getting a late start this year, but I will run in all future elections, not only here, but everywhere, in every state of the union, and countries all around the world.  Some day somewhere I'm going to win an election.  But winning the election is not really the goal of my campaign.  I just want to give voters an alternative to the standard menu of business as usual politicians, judges, and accountants.  All politics in America finally boil down to elections.  Elections are the only existing democratic ritual in America, and they are a media circus.  So the Transformation Party intends to be a part of the action, and use this election energy to make its statement.  My candidacy gives voters a chance to do something meaningful with their vote."

Kathy Change



Dear Communications Media Worker,

 I have put together this package for you because I wish to convey my thoughts to you.   I think it is very strange that in our supposedly free society, to propose that we should make major changes in our political and economic system in order to save the world, our habitat, from being destroyed by war or pollution, is practically taboo and someone who raise these issues is viewed with as much wariness and aversion as if we were in Communist China.


Of course, people wishing for career advancement, success and prosperity do not dare challenge the Powers that Be because their hopes depend on the favor of those powers.   But at this point we can see quite clearly on the wall.  The Powers that be are moving us firmly and swiftly towards totalitarianism.   I ask you, do you really want to be successful in a world where human rights are trampled, the planet is thoughtfully wasted and destroyed and legions upon legions of people are homeless or hungry?   What we have now is not freedom, but at least we can talk about it.  The United States government is a criminal organization, but it has one redeeming point.  To transform it peacefully is entirely legal.  We can assemble publicly, and we can talk in public broadcasts about changing our form of government.  We can even start a legal organization to transform the government.   We must take advantage of this most fortunate clause, because the United States could easily turn fascist, so we must rely upon it.   We must use our freedom of speech while we still have it.


This is a great time to be alive.   It is the pivotal moment that decides humanity's future.   Shall we go to Hell or shall we ascend to the next level of social evolution?  This the climax of human history on Earth. Contrary to government propaganda the threat of nuclear war is greater than ever as nuclear weapons are ever more accessible to terrorists. Now we are but a hair trigger away from total annihilation.  Our survival instincts must kick into action and snap us into our senses.   Saving our world requires peace and cooperation, good faith and conscientiousness.   We will meet these requirements and rise to the occasion because the horror of the tragedy that will otherwise befall us if we continue in our present direction will wake us up, now that it's right in our faces.   This is our last chance to free ourselves and save our world.


Now here you are, dear communications worker, sitting at the controls of the nerves of our society.  Here you are, holding the reins of power.  The news is whatever the media says it is.   If the media says that the old government just ended and a new truly democratic self-government is being formed instead, then that becomes the operant reality.  Media workers are the voices, hands and minds that dictate our reality.  Thus far you have been transmitting the messages of your corporation, your establishment organization, and you have been the mouthpieces of the ruling elite, lending your mind and body to the task of maintaining the status quo.  Thus far you have been making tactically correct moves, so that you are now perfectly positioned to liberate your station at the crucial deciding moment which is coming up now.  Soon the economy will collapse.  As you know, America relies on Japan and other foreign investors to prop up its dollar.   We are a bankrupt nation.   Much profit could be made from the collapse of the U.S. Economy. U.S. Land and industries will be up for sale at bargain prices for foreign capital.   At this point Americans will lose control over their whole country and U.S. will become like a third world nation, with its starving and homeless population standing by watching its wealth being shipped abroad for the benefit of its foreign investors.


I am normally in favor of internationalization, but this is different.  We must not sell our country out to international exploiters.  We the people must take control of our land and resources and guarantee that the people's needs are met.  We must stop evictions and foreclosures and make sure everybody is taken care of.   We must keep the peace and prevent civil war and world war.


Assuming that you have not been entirely brainwashed by establishment doctrines; assuming that you are at heart a person who would like to see justice, health, happiness and freedom prevail, I believe that if you will just speak from your heart, you will be speaking and acting for me as well.  For I believe that we may disagree on some particulars we all do connect with a collective and universal spirit that lives in each of us in the core of our hearts. At this very center of our beings we are all idealists.   If we could all act from impulse; if we could all activate this spirit of community all at once we could lift off the oppressive system that is no more than a bad habit of mindless compliance.


Well, at this point, either I've struck a chord with you or I haven't.  If I have I hope that you will take a moment to look over my platform and campaign statement and my novella, Millenium's Eve.   In them I go into further detail about how we can make this transformation happen, ie. set up an emergency economy and truly democratic self-government.  I'm sure you will find many points for disagreement, but I'm hoping that you'll agree with me on the main one, which is that peace and communication, reason and good will find solutions for all our problems, but in order to realize our ideals we must free ourselves from a government that is devoted to war and destruction and from an economic system that encourages people to be greedy, cruel, and thoughtless.


I am praying to you for the sake of our world and our future.




Kathy Change















A  note  to  sympathetic  Penn  Students

All that you have and cling to in fear
Is as worthwhile as a poisoned pie.
A universe full of love and wonderful possibilities
Would be yours if only you would reach for it.
You are sitting in timid conformity
On a hayride to hell.
You're just about there.
Get off that truck now.
Break out of the ranks of evil
Do a dance for freedom.

I am angry, impatient, full of anxiety
And full of hope and love
But after 18 years of trying and being rejected
And being a pariah and a fool,
I have finally concluded that my charisma
and social magnetism register high on the negative scale.
Now that I've put in the first word,
This movement that I've tried to start,
Would probably do better without me,
So I will try to make a dramatic exit.

I've tried to do this several times before,
And failed.
If this is the right thing to do,
Heaven help me.
If not,
Nevermind.  I'll be seeing you around.

I look at you and you are so beautiful
It makes me shy.
Your sympathy makes me want to hide
Because I feel unworthy.
For the cause I want to grab you
Drag you to demonstrations
But I'm afraid of putting you on the spot
Making you uncomfortable, scaring you away
So I am frozen in wanting
to merge my mind and heart with yours
Imprisoned by the invisible barriers
That I know must be broken through

I scream shrilly
I am an ungainly presence
Trying to break through the complacency
with my wild rage.
I have crashed this party
I do not belong here.
But you do. You are the children of the host.
You can talk to each other as peers
And take your rightful places
At academia's table
with calm and gracious poise.
As crazy as I have been,
You can be cool.

Have confidence in your beliefs
You are a step ahead of everybody else.
Underneath the class prejudice jargon exterior
underneath their herd stupidity
Even the demon emulating morons and their sold out mentors
Who appear to be the majority in your milieu,
Are human beings
Who long for the world to be freed and set right
Even though they don't know it.
Do them a great kindness of forgiving their stupidity
And put them in touch with the real heart
Of humanity.
To reach through the mask
Is your task.

There is so much at stake:
The country, the world, the future.
Don't be put off by trivialities.

With you as its champion
Good will surely triumph.
How great will be your glory
How multitudinous will be your blessings
The highest happiness will be yours.

For many years I have thought that Penn
Would be a good place to start the Transformation.
If this action I am taking succeeds
I hoped it might spark some interest
In what I was trying to say.
I hoped my writings would be printed and made available.
Maybe Transformation Parties could be held.

I am taking this action out of hope
Not despair.
By destroying my material corpus
I want to free my spirit
So that it can jump inside of you
I think that you would enjoy being filled
with conviction and can-do optimism
I think you would feel good
to be cleansed of the blase brain rot that clogs your mind.
Yes there is such a thing as true morality, a real
distinction between good and evil, right and wrong.
Decisive moves must be made on behalf of good.
These are the addresses of some Penn people to whom
I have sent my packages,
Maybe you would like to meet and talk.
I have also sent packages to WXPN
And the Daily Pennsylvanian.

 -- Kathy Change
October 1996

Transformation Party